Welche Größe der Schwimmbadwärmepumpe benötige ich?

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There's nothing like swimming in your own pool year-round. It allows you to cool down in summer, warm up in winter and get regular exercise whenever you feel like it.  When water is too cold or too warm, conditions can become too uncomfortable for swimmers and deter them from using the pool facilities. Once you know the correct size of pool heat pump you need for your pool, you can confidently purchase a unit that ensures you have the perfect temperature to enjoy swimming year-round.

What factors influence the size of a pool heat pump?

When choosing the right heat pump, it’s important to conduct a thermal audit of your pool. This means looking at the various factors that determine how big or small your pump needs to be - or if you need one at all. Here’s what to check:

Air to Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Pool size

Pool size is an important factor when sizing a swimming pool heat pump. The amount of water in the pool will determine the power of the pump. Generally, the larger your pool, the bigger your heat pump needs to be. This ensures that your pool water is heated in less than 48 hours and that your preferred temperature will be reached or maintained during your swim. Likewise, a small pool will require a smaller heat pump. Keep in mind, however, that a larger heater running at half speed is more energy efficient than a smaller one running at full capacity!

swimming pool heat pump


Local climate can play an important role in the effectiveness of your heat pump.If you live in a warm area and have a medium-sized pool, you can easily invest in a smaller to full-size pool heat pump. If you live in a colder climate area, lower evening temperatures or cooler winters can make your pump work harder. That means it will take longer to heat the water and maintain the temperature, and energy bills will rise accordingly. One way to overcome this is to get a slightly larger heat pump than you would normally need for your pool, or to use a smaller pump and keep a cover over the pool whenever it is not in use.

Ideal temperatures

Most people love to swim in cool water, especially in the summer, so your heating needs during that may be minimal. However, if you live in a cold climate or want to swim in winter, you will need to increase your water temperature. Ideal temperatures for swimming are 24–28 degrees Celsius. If you have seniors in your household, you may want to increase this to 30 degrees Celsius. That’s because older people can be sensitive to extreme temperatures, or they may have arthritic conditions that make it difficult for them to move easily. Higher temperatures, on the other hand, make them feel more comfortable, keep their muscles warm and prevent cramping.

On/off Swimming Pool Heat Pump

How to calculate the size of a pool heat pump.

The heating capacity of a swimming pool heat pump is usually measured in kilowatts (kW). The size of the heat pump you need is based on the kilowatts your pool needs per hour. It's worth keeping in mind that different heat pumps have different coefficients of performance (COPs), which means that specific models have different power requirements. Your best bet is to find the model of heat pump you want, then check the manufacturer's instructions to determine the size you need.

We hope this guide will help you figure out what size heat pump you need for your pool;If you require any more information, contact one of our team! Wotech specialists at Pool Heating Solutions. We can help advise you on which heat pump would work best for your pool's size and system!

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